As he walked along the tiled path, beads of sweat kept forming on his forehead. Some trickled down his face and dripped on to the ground. He looked up to see the inky blue sky. Buildings that were at a middle-distance were obscured by a greyish-white haze. The evening light was dim, but enough to see just a little more than the silhouettes of these houses.

The street was awash with streaks of yellow, red and white light trails. Gazing down upon it, he felt the din of the crowd fill his head. Yet he could barely hear anything from down there. He looked up once again as he continued to walk in a circle.

That is when he noticed a particular source of light which he could not recognise. It was at a great distance away from him, and for that reason appeared subdued. Nonetheless, it caught his attention. His usually inquisitive mind was now quiet; only observing what he saw, but asking not one question. The pale reddish hue from this object held his attention as he continued on his path without so much as a thought about where he is going.

The object revealed itself to be of a spherical construction with a number of tiny sources of light scattered on its surface – those at the outermost fringe of its form being the brightest. Although at a fair distance, he was certain that this object was translucent in its form, for he could see through it the inky blue sky that lay beyond.

As the moments passed, its form began to condense in front of his very eyes. Thin air began to coalesce within its perimeter, increasing the intensity with which it glowed in the twilit sky. It was no longer an unfamiliar sight.

He was stunned into the realisation the he was witnessing a moonrise. His feet stopped moving. His eyes fixated on the celestial object. He stood there and just watched.

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