Gamification in a lending business 🕹

One idea is to create experiences centred around the end use of lending. Say that there is a loan taken by a user for vehicle financing — they are buying their first car.

Here the following 4 steps to gamification come to mind, revolving around the various parts of the formal lending process.

1. Identify actions

Find the behaviour you want to promoter among the users.

The could be actions that the lender wants the borrower to complete on a given schedule — perhaps related to documentation and servicing of the loan.

2. Create content

Create content related to the end use (in this case buying and owning a car).

Make this in small bite-sized parts eg. featured users and their stories, tips knowledge on car ownership in the form of blog posts, short videos or podcasts.

3. Allow users to unlock content

Allow users access to the content you create in incremental steps.

They gain access by completing the associated actions in the process which the lender has prioritised in step 1. This creates virtual milestones in the game which the borrower plays, promoting desired behaviour by rewarding it with valuable inputs.

4. Mix it up

Rewards in the form of content can be switched with other benefits once in a while to keep things exciting.

These could be access to rebates, coupons, experiences, or any other value additions.

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