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One idea is to create experiences centred around the end use of lending. Say that there is a loan taken by a user for vehicle financing β€” they are buying their first car.

Here the following 4 steps to gamification come to mind, revolving around the various parts of the formal lending process.


Background β€” Why am I answering this question?

Yesterday, I attended a webinar by Peter Akkies, a productivity consultant who I have been following for a few months now on various platforms. It was super nice and he even answered some of my questions. He published a blog post today β€” Flipping the script: you teach me! β€” asking a question to readers:

What’s the no. 1 thing you learned about outsourcing or delegating effectively?

And here are my two cents.


How to reflect on your work and career path


Finding or shaping a role to be well suited to your career aspirations is a fairly complex process. But like all processes, it is merely a series of simple steps.