Helping others find clarity 🟢

I am passionate about helping others find clarity. Here's why:

🙂 Joy

Helping someone else reach a state of clarity brings me a profound sense of joy and satisfaction. This is because the state of confusion or a lack of clarity is an inadequate state of existence; one of great discomfort and sadness for anyone. Therefore to alleviate such a predicament for someone else is an act of kindness and humanity.

As a corollary, causing confusion or chaos is a particularly unpleasant kind of behaviour. It is worse to do so with intent or willingness. Hence, one best strives to achieve clarity of purpose, motivation, direction and action for oneself and others around them. This is the ideal that I propose for the individual, the community and society.

🙌 Contribution

Once we are clear on where we want to be, how to get there and what it takes to do so, we are prepared to make the journey. In doing so we are able to add value to ourselves and also contribute to those that we interact with, assist, question, converse with, benefit from or even just accompany during the journey.

⏱ Economy

Clarity conserves resources. With clarity comes efficiency, leverage and impact. Every resource at our disposal is used economically and the most precious resource – time – is best used in service of self and others.

🟢 Fulfillment

The pursuit of clarity is a noble obligation bestowed upon us at the time of the grant of our sentience. It is neither negotiable nor optional to extend kindness to others, to create value and to consume judiciously, while we're on this journey. It is our duty to live up to this ideal and advance towards self-fulfillment.

In conclusion, I find that contributing to others' experience of clarity leads me to fulfilment of my duty as a fellow being.

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