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Derek Sivers made a 'now' page a long time ago and that eventually became a popular way for people to share some of their own life updates with others. I decided to create my own version of the 'now' page in a way which is relevant to one of my goals.


So you're an up and coming creator, professional, crafts-person, what have you. In that case, either you offer abundant value to other people or you are in the process of getting there.

To reach an audience and market your skills or wares, you've decided to leverage the internet – the ultimate amplifier. Whatever you do, don't use audio!


Engagement and social interactions through conversations are like fire πŸ”₯ because in it, you can forge strong connections and at the same time, burn through a lot of energy at once.

Conversations with people create opportunities but the really intense ones can take up a lot of time and energy. It is a trade-off that can suddenly get skewed in favour of the costs.


Our heads are idea-soup pots. We keep adding ingredients to them all the time. To do this, all you need to do is think and thinking is something we cannot stop even if we tried. That leaves the soup perpetually on the boil and us thinking:

How do we know what does it taste like? Is it any good? Do we need to mix it up a bit? Is there a balance of flavours?


I am passionate about helping others find clarity. Here's why:


I readily admit that I have a yearning to just write, to write something all the time. But I also have a filter in my head. It prevents me from turning my thoughts into words on the screen. It does this because of the self-doubt that we all have within us.

  • What if the words we put out there are not adequate?
  • Who would even want to read it?
  • What is the point?

Tom Scott is a popular YouTuber, producing educational content about History, Science, technology and linguistics.

In one particular episode, he speaks about why Dasani bottled water is not sold in Britain anymore. While walking down the road by the side of the bottling plant in Kent, he explains about the history of the brand’s introduction in UK and the events that followed.

Suddenly, about 3 mins into the video, my attention is drawn to a small text box to the bottom right of the frame.