Structure your role at work 🗄

How to reflect on your work and career path


Finding or shaping a role to be well suited to your career aspirations is a fairly complex process. But like all processes, it is merely a series of simple steps.

Step 01: Set your standards

When you prepare to define a role for yourself in an organisation, the first step is to clearly and succinctly express your career objective, which should answer the following questions:

Just remember that this definition of your career objective is merely your standard frame of reference for the process. It may evolve over time, especially once you develop a greater understanding of your motivations, capabilities and their place in the economy.

With this clarity on the objective, you are in a position to define the expectations from the role you seek.

Step 02: Find areas of work

Prepare yourself before having the discussion with your employer.

Step 03: Use your abilities

Describe how you propose to solve the shortlisted problems which align with your objective

Step 04: Communicate your expectations

When you discuss your role with an employer, make sure to communicate the following, generally in the same order:

Step 05: Balance role flexibility and clarity

What does role flexibility or role clarity mean?

Advantages of role flexibility — When does it work best

An organisation with clearly defined goals which are broken down and shared with each part of the workforce is a good place for you to be given flexibility in role. Flexibility entails:

Advantages of role clarity — When does it trump flexibility

If your organisation has a vaguely defined purpose and scarce mention of its expectations from you, then you are better off prioritising the pursuit of role clarity above all else. Achieving role clarity in such a case ensures you are better prepared to


This process should provide you with some structure to approach a new role in an organisation or revisit your existing role in order to determine what you should do next. It should also help you recognise the importance of defining and communicating expectations with your employer during your attempt to steer your career in the direction of your choice.

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