Writing is an iterative loop

While mulling over the next essay to be written write, I felt the need for a reference guide to writing. The thought that crossed my mind at once was that instead of looking for a guide, I am going to write one for myself.

It would be short, specific, and based on my experience. Thereafter, whenever I needed some direction or guidance, it would be available to me for review. And so I wrote it as follows.

1. Think one step at a time

2. Capture thoughts in your notes

3. Add details to each idea

4. Organise it to find a flow

5. Add connecting text to support the flow

6. Review the outline to check for coherence

7. Write down unanswered questions or loopholes

8. Think one step at a time

(start from the top)

Writing is an iterative loop. How we think influences our writing as much as how we write influences our thinking.

With deliberate practice and quick iterations, we can make remarkable progress in how we communicate, and ultimately in how we think.

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