Content flow: from idea to essay

To create content consistently, creators follow a process well-tuned to their craft and themselves. The purpose of such a process is to provide direction when there is confusion or darkness.

A creator’s process is always evolving. By observing and changing their own creative process, creators further the state of the art and leave their own indelible signatures on it. Others see this, learn from it and continue the tradition.

Creators are not a select few among us. Within each of us is a creator with an infinite capacity for creativity. Some of us resist it, others embrace it. Still others, unbeknown to themselves create barriers to output.

How creators develop themselves

Of prolific creators, there is one common trait — the realisation that they must get out of the way of their own flourishing minds, bursting with ideas to be developed.

To promote creativity actively, creators may go through any number of these steps:

Current content flow setup

This is the basic structure for my process to get from idea to essay.

Step 01: collect

Step 02: develop

Step 03: assemble


When essays are ready, they are published on my blog. Every weekend I publish a newsletter to revisit the inspiration and thoughts behind essays published during the week.

At times, I also share details about other unpublished ideas. These are usually being explored in the 'develop' stage of the creative process. This may be illuminated with the help of a concept map under construction or an excerpt from a conversation during the exploration of such ideas.

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