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To create content consistently, creators follow a process well-tuned to their craft and themselves. The purpose of such a process is to provide direction when there is confusion or darkness.

A creatorā€™s process is always evolving. By observing and changing their own creative process, creators further the state of the art and leave their own indelible signatures on it. Others see this, learn from it and continue the tradition.


When I am in the process of convincing myself or someone else about an idea, I begin by compiling my arguments in a note and figuring out what makes most sense.


Our heads are idea-soup pots. We keep adding ingredients to them all the time. To do this, all you need to do is think and thinking is something we cannot stop even if we tried. That leaves the soup perpetually on the boil and us thinking:

How do we know what does it taste like? Is it any good? Do we need to mix it up a bit? Is there a balance of flavours?