Now pages

Derek Sivers made a 'now' page a long time ago and that eventually became a popular way for people to share some of their own life updates with others. I decided to create my own version of the 'now' page in a way which is relevant to one of my goals.

Usually people write on their 'now' page about what they are working on, how they are spending their time, or what they are thinking about.

My goal for 2022 is to get better at sharing and communicating learnings using twitter and this blog. I choose to prioritise speed and simplicity in order to keep the posts easy and consistent (sic). I hope that it is not just regular but also useful in some way.

So my 'now' page is about what I'm reading or writing and also what is in my current PKM stack. I might add more stuff later.

If you have a website, I definitely recommend checking out the Now Page project and making your own now page.

#communication #notes