What should I do with work in progress notes?

Daily notes (or work-in-progress notes) are for quick capture and postponed reflection. This means you are bound to revisit them later when you have the time and space.

It seems that where ever you go in the world, taking quick mental notes is an important aspect of experience, learning and growth. People are basically walking notebooks. We tend to recall more information and #creative notions if we take moments to pause and take notes. In fact, the modern workplace endorses and promotes note taking as a core skill to be trained and perfected.

Create a note with all the content you have, and then divide all those topics into subcategories. Go back to the original source to find any relevant information that you may have missed, then pick one idea and start researching. Find sources that are relevant to that concept, and keep referencing them whenever you write something new.

The contents of your primary note will continue to change as you work, so store it somewhere where it is accessible at all times but also contained for your own convenience (notes can be messy).

Make sure to keep your notes with you, visit and revisit them. You need to add or edit your #notes, write the content in a coherent manner and then store the note in a place that makes sense. Moreover, it is useful to refer to the note from time to time for incremental improvements and update when needed.

With sufficient #iteration, all these bits of work come together in cohesion. That is when you are done working on your primary note (and can consider it a durable one).