Externalize your ideas 🍲

Our heads are idea-soup pots. We keep adding ingredients to them all the time. To do this, all you need to do is think and thinking is something we cannot stop even if we tried. That leaves the soup perpetually on the boil and us thinking:

How do we know what does it taste like? Is it any good? Do we need to mix it up a bit? Is there a balance of flavours?

Serve it to someone

We will never know this until we try some of it and perhaps offer a bowl to someone else who is also interested to try it out. To find out how our cooking tastes, we need to serve it on a platter or externalise it.

If you want to generate interest with your soup, it best be:

Externalising your thoughts gives you a better idea of what is inside your head. Doing this is also a chance to get feedback from other people but it is important to plate your food well to attract other people and get them to take a bite. Maybe if you're nice, they might even share their reflections with you.

Different ways to externalize ideas

  1. Journaling: for you to taste the soup, appreciate the flavours and aroma, notice what is missing and add that in the mix
  2. Social posts: Serving the soup, made better with iteration, to people who might come by and wouldn't mind having a taste
  3. Blog posts Opening a soup-shop with the whole spread, now that you are great with cooking them up, to let people feast on your work, keep on coming back and spread the word for you.


And that, my friends, is how you find clarity!

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