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One idea is to create experiences centred around the end use of lending. Say that there is a loan taken by a user for vehicle financing — they are buying their first car.

Here the following 4 steps to gamification come to mind, revolving around the various parts of the formal lending process.


Tom Scott is a popular YouTuber, producing educational content about History, Science, technology and linguistics.

In one particular episode, he speaks about why Dasani bottled water is not sold in Britain anymore. While walking down the road by the side of the bottling plant in Kent, he explains about the history of the brand’s introduction in UK and the events that followed.

Suddenly, about 3 mins into the video, my attention is drawn to a small text box to the bottom right of the frame.


Background — Why am I answering this question?

Yesterday, I attended a webinar by Peter Akkies, a productivity consultant who I have been following for a few months now on various platforms. It was super nice and he even answered some of my questions. He published a blog post today — Flipping the script: you teach me! — asking a question to readers:

What’s the no. 1 thing you learned about outsourcing or delegating effectively?

And here are my two cents.


How to reflect on your work and career path


Finding or shaping a role to be well suited to your career aspirations is a fairly complex process. But like all processes, it is merely a series of simple steps.


Book Authored by Stephen Batchelor

Today is the day of Buddha Purnima or Vesak. This day is for the commemoration of Shakyamuni Gautama Buddha. Coincidentally, today I finished reading the book: Confession of a Buddhist Atheist, by Stephen Batchelor. This post is a review of the book along with some of my thoughts on its contents.


Views on digital editing

Photography is a science. Photography is an art from. It is the recording of light or other electromagnetic radiation. It is putting a thousand words into one frame. It is really complicated. It is fairly simple.

Art is, but, human expression. I hope you agree with me on this definition as this is the basis for all comments that follow.


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